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Lenticular 3D!

April 26, 2011

This is pretty awesome.  Just shot 13 images of my now world-famous fruit bowl and made a lenticular out of them.  13’s total overkill–a baker’s dozen–but what the heck!  I figured I could throw a few out, but they all turned out okay.

Here are the layers superimposed:

The tangerine in the center of the bowl was my “picture point”–the point on the picture plane.  Specifically, I shot for the shadow at the bottom.  I brought all the images into Photoshop on separate layers at 50% opacity, and worked on aligning that point.  Then I cropped the final image to eliminate empty background, but I’m not sure that was really necessary.

Here’s my bootleg camera setup:

I moved the camera left 10mm at a time, always aiming to center the picture point.

Next, I downloaded Lenticular Image Creator  by Jameson Bennett  (, which is painfully easy to use.  A really nice program.  Here are the screen shots:

I saved it as a .png, but it will be worth playing around with all these settings.

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