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RGB 3-Color Mixing from Black & White

March 31, 2011

Eric showed us how to combine three B&W shots taken through Red, Green and Blue filters as separate alpha channels in Photoshop.  Here’s a normal color shot for comparison:

I auto-adjusted the levels on the one at the top.  Here it is immediately after being mixed:

With a sturdier tripod (I’m using the Joby Gorillapod) this would certainly be sharper.  I love the colors–they evoke pre-digital Technicolor.

Here are the levels of the merged images prior to adjustment:

and post:

For filters, Eric recommended Rosco or Permacolor — I used Rosco:

BLUE: Permacolor 31080 or Rosco R80
GREEN: Permacolor 35156 or Rosco R389
RED: Permacolor 36500 or Rosco R26
Here are the black and white separations:
His advice, well-heeded:
  1. Take them in RGB order.
  2. Label them R,G and B.
  3. Open them in Photoshop.
  4. Convert them to grayscale.
  5. Go to Window > Channels and open the drop-down menu on the upper right of the channel menu.
  6. Merge the channels in RGB taking care to see that the correct files are assigned to the correct channels.
  7. Adjust levels in Image > Adjustments.
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