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November 15, 2010

I began my presentation for my final project proposal with a wireless demonstration of the latest version of my Processing visualization that I had described previously for my midterm (here at Rest of You):

I will link separately to the documentation on that piece of the project (you can see that here:

I then went on to describe one idea I have for taking this off the screen and making it into a physical object. I’m still grappling for the right form, but what I showed that day were a number of pins and medals, the idea being to utilize one or two RGB LED’s changing in intensity and color much like the Processing sketch:

I concluded with one more video juxtaposing the Processing sketch against a video I made of myself sleeping. The camera sends me a jpeg every time I move, plus a buffer of two on either side of the motion event. The Processing sketch is not synchronized with the video here, so there is no additional information. I plan to synchronize them to see what correlation there might be between my breathing and tossing and turning. For example, if I am not breathing at those times I would expect it to basically look like two tiny red balls when I’m moving.

The feedback was very helpful.

Alex Kauffmann (ITP, Class of 2010) suggested that any physical manifestation should utilize air, not LED’s as I had proposed, and he suggested I look at the Japanese artist Maiwa Denki.  If it were to teach an awareness of sleep apnea, he also suggested it might shut down one’s computer for failure to breathe, or release a foul perfume.

Steve Dean (The NY Quantified Self Meetup Group) suggested that the visualization might be more meaningful if it were juxtaposed against heart rate.  He also noted that I already had my external physical manifestation in the form of the circuit board!

Aiwen and Julio both said the breathing visualization is compelling to others, and suggested another physical manifestation could be some sort of media controller.  Julio like the idea that it could have some more humorous manifestation, maybe telling you to “Breathe!”

Dan agreed that it was compelling, but didn’t think the visualization and sleep video informed each other.  The sleep is interesting because of the motion, but he noted that he wasn’t sure how much of it he would want to watch.  I’ll try synching them up, but he’ll probably be right.

Chris thought I should bring it back to apnea, and be asking how my device can help, and how the practice of breathing can be augmented by it.

As an added note, I showed this to my aunt who is a singer and voice teacher, and she thought it could have an application as well for singers in learning diaphragmatic control.



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