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The Meander

October 1, 2010

First off, many thanks to Kathryn Hunter, David Cano and Sid Gray for turning me onto the lower Mississippi.  Without them, I wouldn’t know the first thing about this, and would never have gotten the inspiration for this project.

Project Proposal:

Patrick Hebron and I are going to collaborate on a generative piece using the Mississippi river meander map I showed on Friday and Eames’ Powers of Ten as launch points.  We plan to develop algorithms to generate natural behavior such as the meander as a means of composing the screen primarily across its length, and then a shape grammar of pixel blobs to explore depth of focus, shifting scale and movement in and out of the screen.

One Plate of Fisk’s Map:

Powers of Ten by the Eames Office:

Original Fisk map files – pdf’s and jpegs:

Meander animation:

How Rivers Form:

Oxbow Formation Reenactment:

Generative sketches Patrick and I have been using as discussion reference points:



Craig Reynolds: Path Following Steering Behavior:

Images for discussion are currently in my Big Screens Dropbox folder: morgen/Mississippi/101001 Presentation.

What it looked like there last week:


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