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Observation Assignment

May 13, 2010

Here’s your mission:

Pick an object or situation of interest. Explore it by carefully sketching it in an attempt to see details that aren’t apparent from a glance. Spend at least an hour drawing, and repeat at a different time, or with a related object to help yourself see differences. What’s above, below, to the left, right back and front of your subject? Think about why the parts are located where they are. If it’s a mechanism, where are the levers and what does that tell you about how it was made and how it works. If it’s a park watch where the people, trees and paths are located. Describe a project inspiration that you might take away from this exercise.

The Verrazano Bridge at Fort Hamilton

The Parks Department has done an admirable job of reclaiming the space under the Verrazano for ball courts and playgrounds.  From another vantage point, though, this just disguises the fact that it is a wall.  Most bridge approaches act as barriers between neighborhoods as there are few opportunities allowed to cross under them, but this is reinforced at the Verrazano by the fact that it protects the western flank of Fort Hamilton (red hatch), as well as the VA Medical Center and Poly Prep (orange hatch):

The arrow indicates the point of view.

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