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Acoustic Zoetrope III

April 12, 2010

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I succeeded in scaling it down somewhat:

Here’s the pdf of this drawing: ImprovedHandCarController3

The limiting factor is the comfortable range of motion for a person operating the lever (32″ at Bottom Dead Center, 66″ at Top Dead Center in this case).  I could have reduced the range, but the vertical center of range would need to remain as is unless operators are seated, so height cannot come down too much.  I have a little room at the top to reduce it as the center pin doesn’t come too close to the top, but I’d like to hold onto that material in case I need to reinforce the top of the tower.  Width could come in a bit, but it’s more of a judgement call at this point, and I want the wheel to have a reasonable scale compared to the two people operating it.  If it’s too small, it will look like they are not doing any work, and it may undesirably affect how easy and comfortable it is to turn.

Here’s the animation of this Rotary Encoder Built for Two:

Either Illustrator didn’t like the curves I made in Vectorworks, or they exported wonkily, but you should get the idea.

Here are all the positions of the mechanism in 30° increments:


Next step, materials and cut lists.

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