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Imagined Sociable Objects

February 1, 2010

An Avatar for the Real World

When I was fourteen or so, my high school projected a ski run from the point of view of a ski-mounted camera.  I had never skied before, but that was enough to convince me to get out there and try it.  The internet has opened our eyes to worlds we’ve never visited, but the content capture and sensory experiences are still dictated by those who are out there exploring and doing the capturing.  Mastering that capture and extending ourselves further into the world will make us more aware and more engaged.  The world might be completely mapped now, but not by far as a matter of personal experience.  To achieve this, Adib Dada and I propose a Personal Exploration Vehicle:

If we each had something like this, how would it change the world?  No doubt about it, having millions of virtual selves scuttling about could be pretty annoying, but imagine the possibilities.  Would we go on expeditions together?  Could new games arise?  How might they affect journalism, science, and disaster reporting and relief efforts?

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