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Simple Rules

January 31, 2010

Greg Borenstein and I came up with a simple set of rules to produce a short musical piece without instruments, involving only stomping, clapping and some vocals.  The standing and sitting was introduced to create the impression of an engine.  The rules were, unfortunately, not simple enough, so everyone had a hard time following along as you can see in the video.  It was fun though.

Instructions for Indoor Music

If you are sitting closest to the door
  begin stomping your feet in an even pulse.

If you are the person closest to a corner
  clap on every stomp.

If the person next to you is in the corner
  clap on every other stomp.

If you are more than two people away from any corner
  say "ah" on every third stomp.

If you are exactly two people from a corner
  radically change the height of your head on every seventh stomp.

If you notice a stomp, clap, and "ah" happen simultaneously
  say "oh" on the next stomp.

If you hear "oh" three times
  stop everything.

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