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November 18, 2009

To further our understanding of the darker arts of Processing, Arturo and I would like to plod on with Larry:

We plan to refine his motion as well as introduce a jump and background variation, both triggered by an external input.  We also plan to introduce a second character–an animal or monster–to motivate Larry’s run.  Rather than animate the second character in the same mode, we thought it might be more instructive to bring in an image and map it to move.  Here’s the first pass:

Upon reflection, though, we started thinking it might be more interesting and keeping with the  theme to actually bring in Muybridge’s sequential animal photos and animate them.  Each could be triggered by different inputs or conditions within the frame:

Finally, the idea occurred to us of introducing some sort of dialogue between them.  For example, Larry could turn his head and hurl insults over his shoulder as he is being chased:

Here is a random Shakespearean insult generator beta sketch for this:


And here is the html for that:



From → ICM: Processing

One Comment
  1. tom albrecht durer schiller permalink

    Luv the rhino. Keep up the good work. Albrecht.

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