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Serial Port Issues 2

October 22, 2009

I am still concerned there is something wrong with my serial port, but if so, it is likely mechanical — either on the PC end, or in the manner in which I’ve hooked up the accelerometer.  Most significant problems in the previous post have been dealt with.

1. The accelerometer was improperly mapped to X,X,X, so of course the data was all the same.

2. I had Processing and Arduino calling for the Serial port at the same time, which will cause it to hang.  The Arduino cannot be programmed while Processing’s Java applet is open if it is calling for serial data–the Processing sketch needs to be closed, and so do any Java applets.

3. Finally, on the hardware end outside my PC, I need to try putting something onto the accelerometer like a pull-down resistor.  There might be voltage spikes coming through that are also causing the serial port trouble.

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