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Serial Port Issues

October 21, 2009

I started using the Processing Terminal sketch last night with Series 1 XBees and it has caused I believe all matter of havoc with my poor little G5 powerbook.  Any ideas how to tell it to let go of the port?  It could also be Terminal itself, but I don’t think I gave it a port to use….

Here are the symptoms:

1. I could read serial data in Arduino without a problem beforehand.
2. I am getting really dumbed-down accelerometer readings (as in all coord’s are equal, and sometimes they’re wonkily mapped), but there’s nothing wrong with it or the wiring.  Well, famous last words, but I swear I’ve tested everything with a multimeter and it’s solid, at least when it’s being tested.

3. I’m running a basic Processing serial sketch (modified straight out of Dan’s book–example 19-10)

Both Sketches

and I can only get it to read the accelerometer once for a limited run of loops (maybe 30 or so) and then it hangs.  If I stop it and run it again, the original java window will not close, and the new one won’t open except in the dock.  The serial monitor will only list the ports.

4. The only way to get it to run the sketch again properly is to restart.

The XBees continue to communicate with each other without much fuss, but I believe restarts are in order here as well.

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