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Assignment: Device of Your Dreams, Part I

May 25, 2009

I know that part of this assignment is not to stress, but it’s really not in my nature.  Anyway, the saddest part is that while it is human to dream, I haven’t remembered a dream in quite some time.  I’ll chalk that up to the stress and poor sleep hygiene.  It’s something I’ll really need to get a handle on.

Anyway, I’ve been racking my brain, going back to 4th grade.  I remember coming up with a floating island back then, a submarine disguised as a whale, and an interstellar spacecraft, probably patterned after Ben Bova’s Exiled from Earth.  The drawings for these devices are no longer extant, unfortunately or fortunately.

It’s not that I don’t like the idea of dreaming.  I really enjoyed The Science of Sleep and Eternal Sunshine.  And I love Little Nemo in Slumberland:

Picture 14

In fact, looking at this picture, anyone who knows me would guess that I’d probably just want to build an airship for this assignment, and they wouldn’t be far from wrong.  But I’m guessing that I should start with something a little more modest, and less functional.

I’m going to focus in on the very problem that is probably getting in the way of dreaming: Anxiety.  I’ve been taking a lot of very interesting pictures these days for this blog, and have been thinking a lot about the term “Image Capture Device”.  It seems like it was made up to differentiate a digital camera from a film camera, but I’m not hearing it bandied about as much as it used to be, “camera” being the one that people are used to.  It got me thinking that maybe there could be an “Anxiety Capture Device”.

Stay Tuned.

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