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May 23, 2009

This was our Thursday in-class exercise.  A pre-programmed example from Arduino, but fun nonetheless to put it all together and get started:


Those of you at ITP or associated with someone there probably know what this is.  For those of you who don’t, but find it heady and fascinating nonetheless, it’s the software environment (Integrated Development Environment, or IDE) on your laptop/desktop from which you program the microcontroller (the tiny little computer in the next picture) via a USB cable and make it do whatever you want.  Assuming you know what that is.

This first exercise just makes the LED blink on and off and on and off until you’re tired of looking at it:


I would love to post this as a video, but am not yet prepared to spring for the VideoPress.  This may really hamstring my future posts, so I may need to get over this really soon.  In the meantime, send me your email address if you just can’t bear to be without it.

I modified IDE to send an SOS signal in Morse Code:

SOS TU=120


As an aside, the speed at which such a signal would typically be heard audibly is almost impossible to read visually.  E.g., 30 WPM (words per minute, where PARIS = 1 word) produces an intermittently flashing LED, but the meaning is unclear, at least to me.

You can link to this site to hear it:

And this site for still more information:

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